Happy 100 to the US credit union movement. Would a credit union by any other name smell as sweet?

Anytime you get a bunch of credit union fans together in a room, or on Twitter for that matter, the discussion comes around to how bad the credit union name sucks.

On this historic date in history, where ironically the first US credit union is named St. Mary's Bank, lets rename the credit union movement in the comments.

But rather than a serious discussion like the one Trey had on Thwart Mediocrity a couple of months ago about why he felt credit unions should be known as cooperative banks, let's just have a silly discussion, because you know the name is never going to change!

Here's two thought starters for you.

  • Lil' Bank
  • Bank Junior

Your turn!


P.S. And just so we're clear: I mean no disrespect to credit unions. I love credit unions and think its awesome that today is the 100th birthday. Did I mention that I love credit unions?

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