Hey brothers and sisters, can you spare a case study?

I just posted this on Open Source CU.

Remember me? I'm the Canadian juggler that was picked to speak at the Partnership Symposium on October 4. With the event just over five weeks away, I am starting to prepare my presentation—Where Does Traditional Marketing Fit Into a Web 2.0 World?

To illustrate my key points, I will include real-world examples of how credit unions are integrating on- and off-line tactics in their marketing efforts to deliver killer results. Rather than just including examples that we have created for our clients at Currency Marketing, I want to include diverse examples from all over North America. That's where you can help.

And, since I got the gig with a YouTube video, here’s another one to hopefully bring a smile to your face today (and not annoy you too much). Although I only included a few residents of Open Source CU in my video appeal, everyone is invited to take part.

I will be sure to give full credit to the agencies, credit unions and individuals involved. So what do you say? Are you in? E-mail me, post a comment (without giving everything away) or, better yet, post a video response on YouTube!



Think small world web, not world wide web.

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