Introducing Gen C?

According to, the next Generation has arrived - and they go by "Gen C." Hmmm.

The “C” stands for connected, and it’s a reference to the always-on, always-connected, life these kids lead. I know this generation as my daughter, Her Serene Highness, is one of them. (Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s actually  a cell leader at their secret meetings.) In general, these are people born after 1990  and became teenagers after the turn of the millennium.

Interesting. I'm not sure if I'm ready to hop onto another generation so soon - the wants and needs of this burgeoning generation seem to fall inline with Gen Y's, minus knowledge of the 80s. A quick search of the almighty google shows that the term, while not super popular, has at least a few subscribers.

Nielsen (the tv people!) have this to say:

Unlike Gen Y or Gen Z, Gen C is not an age cohort.  “Gen C are teens and 20-somethings that have been “hatched’ out of social media. What ‘C’ stands for has been widely debated. A few years ago it was about Generation ‘Content’ – now it’s about a multitude of things; constant connectivity, collaboration, change, co-creation, chameleons, cyborgs, curiosity. But most of all, Gen C is the ‘Connected Collective’ consumer,” Mr. Pankraz explained.

Interesting. What do you guys think? Is it too soon to move on to the next generation while we are still defining the current? Or is there enough of a distinction to go ahead and do so?

Let me know in the comment section!


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