Alabama spreads the word by Flashmob

Our client, Listerhill Credit Union, is in the throws of searching for their second Young & Free Alabama Spokesperson to find a worthy replacement for Chris Anderson.

A major part of Listerhill's on-going growth strategy centers around building and nurturing its reputation with the students at the University of Northern Alabama campus in Florence. To further this goal, Listerhill recently opened a UNA campus branch at staffed with students who got the job through a recruiting contest.

It's through these efforts and long-term relationship building that they were able to pull off this amazing Young & Free Flashmob yesterday. Check it out!

The marketing team at Listerhill may be small, but they are mighty! This is an excellent example of low-cost guerilla and word-of-mouth marketing.

A hat tip must go to Innovations Credit Union for orchestrating the first credit union Flashmob and providing the inspiration for the T-shirt reveal at the end.


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