Introducing Money Mom!

Money Mom marries a winning combination of integrated marketing and content strategy with a local voice and relevant banking products.


A proven recipe

Based on our award-winning Young & Free marketing program, Money Mom finds a local mom to be the voice of your credit union. Her job is to connect on- and off-line with the local community to raise awareness and affinity for your credit union.

Our first Money Mom program was launched over two years ago with Seattle's Verity Credit Union as Verity Mom. We've helped Verity find two amazing Mommy Bloggers who have done a tremendous job connecting and building awareness for the credit union. At launch, Verity's average age of a new members was 39, but after just 12 months of running the program in conjunction with a rewards checking account, the average age of a new member dropped to 36!

We wanted to capture the hearts and minds of the next generation. The best way to do that is by pleasing their moms. Moms make most of the spending decisions in a family and they hold the most influence over where their children will eventually do their banking. We look at this as a multi-generational strategy.
— Shari Storm, Senior Vice President, Verity Credit Union

With this great success under our belt, we've decided to package this program and offer it to other non-competing credit unions.

Key differences

Beyond targeting a different segment, there are a couple other key distinctions between Young & Free and Money Mom:

  1. Each Money Mom program will carry its own unique name instead of all being under one master brand.
  2. We recognize that moms have tons to juggle, so the Money Mom position is part-time, whereas the Young & Free Spokester position is full-time.

Mike Lawson of CUbroadcast recently interviewed Verity's Melina Young about the Verity Mom program. Verity is a tremendous partner and supporter of the program. 

Check out the comprehensive new Money Mom website section to learn all of the details. 


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