Investing In Employees

This past week I had the pleasure of attending CUES' CEO/Executive Team Network™ and getting an opportunity to hear presentations from all of the Next Top Credit Union Exec finalists.

In her presentation (which ultimately won the grand prize!), Tina Hall focused on the importance of employee happiness as a key in which would enable credit unions to be more successful. Check out a portion of her presentation, which was capped with an awesome spoken word.

Check out this excerpt from one of her blog posts:

Each week, every week, since October 2008, at least one bank has failed. While the dark clouds of media outrage continues to blast bankers, a ray of light shines on a better way to manage our money.   

Credit unions offer hope in a time of fear.  

At this time, our most engaged employees will cultivate our most engaged members. As a result, we will emerge from this Great Recession safe, sound, and strong. 

In order to yield this result, our comprehensive human resource strategy must utilize multiple dimensions of talent management.

It is important for us to recruit employees passionate about the cooperative model.  We must retain our highest caliber employees as the recessionary market turns. Because after that next community bank fails, it will be our finest employees that use their experiences to gain us additional market share. 

In other words: the credit union with best talent will win.  

Wise words! I think one of the most critical things we can do right now for the future (along with recruiting Gen Y!) is getting great people at our CUs.

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