Is your credit union looking to attract more Moms? You better watch what you say!

I have heard this one quite a bit at my presentations this year, "This social media thing is fine and dandy, but our members aren't online. I don't see how these things that you are talking about apply to us."

I like to dispell this myth any chance I get. One of the biggest segments in the blog-o-sphere is Moms. They are active bloggers, vloggers and Twitterers. To illustrate the power of the social web and to alert you to one of the biggest corporate goof-ups blow-ups on the web this year, simply watch Motrin's brand new commercial below. From what I can gather, it was released just this past week.

This ad has enraged the Mommy blog-o-sphere. Look no further than these live search results on Twitter. In addition, there are countless video responses and blog posts popping up like wildfire. You can actually buy anti-Motrin T-shirts on Cafe Press already.

This is a constructive video response. Some of them aren't so nice.

Lessons for credit union marketers:

  1. Members and potential members have a voice
  2. Do not assume your members aren't online
  3. Do not underestimate the power the Internet
  4. Pre-test your ideas with the target market you are attempting to attract

I will be following this story closely. I am very interested to see how Motrin handles this huge PR issue in the coming weeks.


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