Is Your Credit Union Transparent?

I came across a fantastic video earlier this week, produced by McDonald's Canada. The video gives viewers a behind the scene look into why burgers in  advertisements look different than burgers purchased in real life.

The thing I love about this video, and the entire campaign associated with it is how transparent it is. It feels honest and it answers a question that honestly, I've wondered myself!

One of the cool things that I really appreciate about this video is that they took the time to answer a question. How often do you guys get questions via Facebook or Twitter? Taking the time to make a video (no matter how basic) or to reach out individual to members goes a long way.

People want to see they you're more than just talk - they want to know that when they speak up, some one will hear them!

Here's an idea: Next week use your social media feelers to pose the question "Is there anything you've ever wanted to know about your credit union?" Take a few hours and answer them, either in the medium originally sent, or make some quick, easy videos. It will make your members feel that much more connected.


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