It's 2013. Are Your Branches User Friendly?

Sometimes I feel as if branches were designed with the intent to confuse. When you walk in, you see several cubicles, offices and of course, the dreaded "rope line." Usually there are a few employees milling about who seem to have no specific purpose. TD Bank created a humorous series of videos that showcase the inefficiency of modern branches.

I've long believed that branches are a necessary evil. "Stopping by the bank" isn't something that people do for fun. It's a chore, and one that is usually inconvenient for the member. Therefore, it's imperative to make the experience as painless as possible

Some credit unions have been experimenting with coffee and soda service, flatscreen tvs and more in order to make branch visits more pleasurable. One recommendation is to identify the services that your members use the most and streamline your branches to serve those needs first and foremost.

What is your credit union doing to make your branches more user friendly? Let us know in the comment section!


DeAndre Upshaw is a former Young & Free Texas Spokester. He's a marketing professional living in Dallas and a Beyonce enthusiast. DeAndre is the host and executive producer of The State of Awesome. Follow him on Twitter and check out his personal website.