Jason Stadler is wearing a Living Young & Free shirt tomorrow!

I learned about Jason Stadler and his iwearyourshirt.com website in February 2009 after he'd been up and running for about a month. I love simple brilliant ideas and this is definitely one of the most original concepts I've heard about in a long time. Here's a description from Jason's site.

Well it’s a pretty simple idea and I’m a pretty simple guy. For 2009, I am selling the upper-half of my wardrobe (shirts). I am selling every day of the year at face value, so January 1 is $1 and December 31 is $365. I will be selling all 365 days without exception!
So what do you get for the day(s) you purchased? Well I’m glad you asked. You mail me your shirt (size: X-Large) and you get:
• Daily Video on YouTube & Ustream.tv
• Daily Photos on the blog & Flickr
• Daily Posts on the blog & Twitter
• Calendar (You/Your Company's Logo & Website)
• All of these with me wearing your shirt

Upon seeing this service for the first time back in February, I immediately bought a day! And tomorrow is that day. Jason will be sporting a Living Young & Free shirt and will be a honorary Young & Free Spokesperson for November 17, 2009. We've got some fun stuff planned including a contest.

I've tuned in from time to time throughout the year and have witnessed Jason turning into a one-man-social-media dynamo. His daily, one-hour live shows attract lots of viewers and he has been featured on dozens of national news sites including CNN and the New York Times.

Tune in to the live show tomorrow on Ustream.tv at noon Pacific.


He wore our shirt! Fantastic fun for about $600

Listerhill Credit Union is having great success with Young & Free Alabama!