My credit union website was my lifeline while traveling abroad

I recently returned from a beautiful 16-day trip to Italy. Rome, Venice, Verona, Florence... historic and artistic places I'd only dreamed of seeing. But one thing was consistent throughout my trip—I was always thinking about money. And so was everyone else.

In the larger cities of Rome and Florence, you could find several Internet access services throughout the city. The number one thing I saw younger travelers check as soon as they sat down was their account balance. "My balance is what?"; "Thank goodness my cheque went in."; or "Oh, I forgot that payment was coming out." If two friends were lucky enough to sit beside each other (these Internet spots were always crowded), they would discuss each other's financial situations and compare balances. Us older folk have the maturity to check e-mail first and then our balances.

My relationship with my credit union is mostly through online banking and POS transactions. I'll admit it, I take it for granted. But when I was so far from home, other than e-mail from my family, my credit union's website was my lifeline. It became much more important to me. I spent more time there. One time I even compared site features with another traveler and her bank's website. It became a source of pride.

Is your credit union doing everything it can to make your online banking an experience your members will talk about?


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