Banks need not apply!

A question that comes up from time to time at Currency Marketing is, "do you also work with banks?" Nope. We've been asked to, but we believe passionately in the credit union movement and working with a bank would go against our core purpose for being in business. At Currency, we have a pretty simple purpose. Here's an exerpt:

Simply put, it is our purpose to help credit unions deepen their relationships with members and persuade bank customers to become credit union members. We can’t wait for the day when credit unions have more members than banks have customers.

We want credit unions to gain ground on the banks one member at a time. This is the reason we get out of bed every morning and come to work. This is our driving purpose.

So, before you ask if a bank can order a Cuckoo campaign, let me cut you off. Nope. Banks need not apply. If you have any other questions, I would be happy to answer them!


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