News alert: Kids are on the Internet!

A daily news alert that I receive from Canada's Marketing Magazine had an interesting article from reporter David Brown.

Video viewing up 360% at CTV youth brands

They say this whole Internet thing is going to be big with the kids. Well, CTVglobemedia has some pretty good proof.
Streaming video traffic to CTV’s two youth and music station websites, and, was up 360% in 2007 (CTV acquired MuchMusic with its takeover of CHUM last year).
Kids flocked to MuchMusic’s site mostly to watch music videos from the likes of Rihanna and Avril Lavigne, while MTV delivered full episodes of shows like The Hills and Laguna Beach.
In total, 120 million videos streams were viewed by nearly 19 million unique visitors on the two sites. Video streaming accounted for 80% of site activity, with visitors spending an average of 50 minutes per month viewing video content.

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Those crazy kids are on the Internet. Sounds like a good place for your credit union to have a presence. Who knew?


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