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The Great Credit Race Is On

I've been working with a Filene i3 team on a project we've called the Great Credit Race. I jumped on board to help with the concept and all of the design and web development work because the topic is near and dear to my heart—helping young people establish credit. There's no shortage of information, advice and tools out there to help you improve your credit score, but there is virtually nothing to help you establish credit quickly and effectively. 

Why Does Your Credit Union Need A Voice? Join Us For A Free Webinar In August

Are you curious about Young & Free but haven't raised the courage to reach out and talk to us about it? Well, we've got the perfect solution! Join us for a free webinar in August. Here's the pitch. Find out how the Young & Free Marketing Program could help your credit union connect with the next generation of credit union members. We’re holding two webinars in August. Linda Douglas, VP, Marketing from Michigan First Credit Union, our Young & Free Michigan partner, will be joining us. Sign up for the date that works for you. 

Is Your Credit Union Ready to Appeal to Young Adults?

Our Young & Free Market Assessment for our newest Young & Free credit union, Tropical Financial Credit Union in Florida, uncovered two key findings to address its problem of an ageing membership—a potential growth of 4% in their credit union's youth segment, and a gap in the competitive youth account offering that Tropical Financial could fill.

When Small Thinks Big

Kaison Darden, 20, from Wetumpka, Alabama, has just been announced as the Young & Free Alabama Spokester for Guardian Credit Union. And while her four-week journey from submitting an application, to becoming a finalist, and finally winning the role of Young & Free Alabama Spokester is an amazing story, more amazing is how a credit union with $250 million in assets brought such an involved program to their staff, members and community.

The Evolution of Sales, Social and Young Adults

Last week we launched our first ever loan campaign for Servus Credit Union's Young & Free Alberta. As we reach the program’s sixth anniversary, that seems almost impossible to believe, yet our philosophy with Young & Free has always been to connect with people on a personal level, using lots of social avenues, so that they remember your awesome credit union when they need that checking account, or loan or credit card.

In celebration of International Credit Union Day, six of our Young & Free Spokesters came together in Nashville to put together a new video to help illustrate the advantages of credit union membership. Check it out!

Young & Free Turns 5!

Five years ago this week Young & Free was born. At the time, the concept of a business-sponsored user-generated contest, involving videos and blogs in order to hire someone, or conversely to apply for a job or enter a contest, was completely original and new.