Podcast 06: Credit Union Innovator Ginny Brady

Welcome to episode 6 of Credit Union Innovators. My guest is UFirst Federal Credit Union board member Ginny Brady. Located in Plattsburgh, New York, UFirst has the only credit union board-member-authored blog on the Internet.

I met Ginny through the micro-blogging service, Twitter, in mid-2007. She is a passionate, tech-savvy credit union cheerleader who is a bundle of social media energy!  

If you are a credit union professional or a member of a credit union board, do yourself a favour and listen to what Ginny has to say about blogging. In her 15 months of active blogging on the Boardcast, she has gained valuable insights into what makes a successful credit union blog work.

You can listen by streaming audio here on the blog or you can subscribe to it in iTunes and listen on your iPod.

Some links to get to know Ginny even better

The Boardcast blog
UFirst Federal Credit Union' website
Ginny's Flickr Photostream
Ginny on Twitter

Fast facts about Ginny

  • Height? 5' 2"
  • Mac or PC? Mac
  • Twitter or Pownce? Twitter
  • Tea or Coffee? Coffee in the morning, tea at night
  • Favorite ice cream topping? Butterscotch
  • Standard or automatic? Standard Honda Hybrid
  • Did you vote for the current NY governor? Yes (regrettably)
  • What's on your iPod? Podcasts, Beatles and Beethoven

Looking for innovators

If you know a credit union innovator who I should interview, please e-mail me at tmcalpine at currencymarketing dot ca.

My plan is to continue to interview two innovators per month, so I am going to need all the help I can get to fill my podcast roster! For the most part, the innovators I have interviewed to date are involved in the social media and technology space, but I am looking for innovators in all aspects of the credit union movement. Send them my way!

Production notes

+ Interview recorded with Rogue Amoeba's Audio Hijack and Skype
+ Intro recorded with a M-Audio Microtrack II mobile digital recorder
+ Edited in Audacity
+ Podcast RSS Feed through Feedburner
+ Music is A Song for Jake by Oregon Chad licensed through Creative Commons


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