Do members love your brand?

I recently happened upon an article for Nike in which their new campaign for Nike+ was announced. I have an iPod and use Nike+, which is a sensor that fits into the sole of your shoe and transmits signals to your iPod that calculate distance, speed, time remaining and a lot of other cool things.

Seeing the article reminded me of how much I love that product, which reminded me of the feeling I get when I walk or jog (I am a wanna-be athlete—full-scale running is a ways away for me!) And that reminded me of the Nike brand story I share with clients when we work together on developing their credit union brands. It's a great story about finding the essence of what a brand is all about, and why it appeals to its customers.

Not everyone likes Nike, and that's okay. Nike deeply understands their core user group and makes sure they are constantly innovating for them and remaining meaningful to them. Nike has turned satisfied customers into loyal advocates.

CCEC Credit Union in Vancouver B.C. has members that love their credit union so much, they mail CCEC postcards when they go on holidays. Wouldn't it be incredible to have members that loved your brand so much, that it evokes wonderful memories and feelings even when its "out of sight" so to speak?

Jim Collins says in his book Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... And Others Don't that good is the enemy of great. Satisfaction is good, but advocacy is great.

Do you have satisfied members, or do you have member advocates?


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