Shout out: CU Warrior asks, "What are you saving for?"

My friend Matt Davis, The Credit Union Warrior, has launched a cool new blog for Member's Credit Union entitled "What are you saving for?"


The site encourages, of all things, saving!

In this age of buy it before you can afford it with high-interest credit cards and high-interest in-store credit, it's great to see a fresh social media campaign promoting thrift!

I did a profile on Matt awhile back for his work on his breakthrough Credit Union Warrior blog. It looks like he has scored another touchdown (pun intended) with "What are you saving for?"

I spoke with Matt a couple of times during the development of this site. He designed and deployed the site using a self-hosted Wordpress blog template. He designed the logo, produced the videos and programmed the Flash calculators. Apparently, the too-funny oink sound effect was voiced by one of Matt's co-workers.

This is another example that shows that you don't have to spend a bunch of money to get involved with social media—all you need is a good idea. I will be watching to see what everyone is saving for.

Nice work my friend.


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