Stuff Banks Say

In case you're slower than Madonna's dance moves at the Super Bowl (zing!), you've probably witnessed  the online phenomenon that is "Sh** >Insert Group Here< Says."

From Know Your Meme:

Sh** Girls Say is a single topic blog and a web series showcasing various cliches and verbal mannerisms that are commonly associated with teenage girls and young women. Since its YouTube debut in December 2011, the series has inspired dozens of parodies exploring social gender stereotypes using the phrasal template “Sh** X says.”

And it wasn't long before some enterprising Credit Union folks came up with their own, "Sh** Banks Say."

Some nuggets:

  • "Your hold time is approximately 44 minutes"
  • "There's a fee if you actually go to one of our branches and see a representative"
  • "Fee"
  • "Fee"
  • "Fee"
  • "Sir, I told you, our call center is local *wink*"

And much more. Big props to Summit Federal Credit Union for embracing a meme, and not being afraid of making something that falls in line with what people are actually talking about!

If you had to add a bankism to a "Sh** Banks Say." what would it be?!


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