That makes 20 Young & Free Spokesters!

We launched Young & Free Alberta in October 2007 and almost four years later, we've hit 20 Young & Free Spokesters! We are at a moment in time where there are 10 active Spokesters and 10 Alumni.


It has been a real treat to watch as each of these talented young adults has found their voice and created a following in their region. We have now passed 80,000 accounts opened across all regions thanks in large part to their hard work. 

This group of incredibly talented young adults has combined to create more credit-union-loving content than I thought was possible.

I feel kind of like a proud papa!

Want to meet a few of them? We're hosting our second Spokester Summit right before the CU Water Cooler Symposium in Fishers, Indiana. Expect to see seven or eight Young & Free Spokesters hanging out at the Symposium on Friday, September 30—make sure to say "Hi."


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