The Big Picture

With all of this talk about Gen Y, Millenials and "the next generation," it can be easy to get caught up in the here and now.

But what happens in 20 years when targeting this generation is no longer a primary concern? Credit Unions are investing a lot of time and energy in programs and tactics designed to engage members of Gen Y (rightfully so) but in the next decade, the next year, even, these approaches may not work.

That's why instead of simply changing what we do, we should change the way we think.

For far too long, the finance industry (credit unions in particular) have been set in stubborn ways. With the entrance of a generation that is completely unlike any that has preceded it, it is prime time to change our attitudes and perceptions about finance.

Banking does not have to be a one way relationship. It can be transparent and mutually fulfilling for all involved.

Credit Unions can be cutting edge in terms of technology, communication and member service.

Credit Unions will remain a pertinent and involved structure in the community.

Right now we're laying the framework for the next wave of credit union members and preparing for an exciting new future. You in?


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