Thing 12 of 30: Replace our ten-year-old, super-nasty website

September is 30 things I would implement or consider implementing at my credit union if I was a credit union leader.

Thing 12: Replace our ten-year-old, super-nasty website

In hindsight, this should have been my number-one thing! If I were a credit union leader, I would make it priority one to develop a modern website that included:

  1. A beautiful, 980-pixel-wide layout with completely integrated online banking like Vancity's website
  2. Integrated blogs from a number of credit union employees like Vantage Credit Union's website
  3. Crisp writing and a clear personality like Coast Capital Savings' website
  4. Product ratings and reviews like San Francisco Fire Credit Union's website
  5. Online account opening and an integrated personal financial management tool like South Carolina Federal Credit Union's website
  6. A public-facing discussion forum like Addison Avenue Federal Credit Union's website
  7. Mobile texting capabilities like Mount Lehman Credit Union's website

You may balk and say that I have described a very expensive website. Maybe so, but at my credit union, before I opened another branch or upgraded the administration center, I would have a positively kick-ass website!


Thing 13 of 30: Drop products and services that members don't want

Thing 11 of 30: Don't just tweet, get people tweeting about our boring old credit union