Thing 11 of 30: Don't just tweet, get people tweeting about our boring old credit union

September is 30 things I would implement or consider implementing at my credit union if I was a credit union leader.

Thing 11: Don't just tweet, get people tweeting about our boring old credit union

A number of my 'things' will be about integrated social media marketing—or challenge marketing as we like to call our particular take on the subject. First up, let's talk about the financial industry's growing fascination with Twitter (plus a few of my pet peeves).

Credit unions and banks are flocking to Twitter—just look at this list that Jeffry Pilcher maintains on the Financial Brand to see what I mean. It's safe to say that there are now lots and lots of banks and credit unions on Twitter. Some are using Twitter as a service desk. Some are using Twitter to learn from their peers. Some are advertising loan rates. Some are promoting community involvement. And some are using Twitter to listen to what is being said about their financial institution (go here and type in "Bank of America + any bad word" to see what I mean).

But here's my pet peeve: most banks and credit unions now view Twitter as their entire social media strategy. If they are daring, they will throw in a Facebook page, but they are missing the real power of the platform. Twitter is an ideal companion piece to an integrated social media marketing campaign and can really get people talking about your initiative and pulling people back to a targeted section of your website or to a dedicated campaign microsite.

If I was the leader of a credit union, we would be using Twitter to not only listen and participate, but also to get people talking about our credit union in a very big, loud and positive way!


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