This Just In: Google+ Has Not Changed My Life

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about Google+, the new exciting social network that may or may not change the world as we know it. And guess what?

My life has not changed. Not in the slightest.

In the month since Google+ launched easily 70% of the content in my feed is about Google+. This is the equivalent of someone tweeting all day long about how great Twitter is. Its weird. This is mainly because people don't know what to do with it.

I find myself checking in about once every other day. This, of course, pales in comparison to my constant connectivity with Facebook. Why is this?

Despite Google+  setting a record for becoming the #1 App on iOs devices and a user base that is decidedly social media positive, the biggest problem that Google+ faces is that people just don't need it. The people I know posting on Google+ are already posting the same content on Facebook and Twitter.

This article from Mashable illustrates that the very people who helped launch Google+ to resounding success may be the very ones holding it back, due to its status as a "specialized" social network, i.e only for media professionals.

The real test of Google+ will be how the public at large receives it. More and more people are hopping on and that will undoubtedly increase its value among members.

The addition of an arena for businesses to have pages is also forthcoming and will be instrumental in determining how this social network will affect engagement among businesses like credit unions. Only time will tell.

Since you've had about a month to try it out, what do you think? Has Google+ proven itself to be the contender it claims to be? Sound off in the comment section!


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