Vote for six young guys and one slightly older guy to speak at YOUR Symposium!

About two years ago, I answered an open call for speakers at the 2007 FORUM Solutions/Trabian Symposium in Fishers Indiana. I submitted my first-ever YouTube video, won the wildcard spot and had an absolute blast. In 2008, I was invited back to be the keynote speaker. This has become my favorite conference of the year. It has a very progressive vibe, the presentations are relevant and well done and the attendees are a forward-thinking group of credit union advocates.

Well, this year the format is completely different. It has been retitled YOUR Symposium and all of the speakers will be selected by the crowd. I've decided to enter the race again, but this time with the help of six friends!

Here's our application video!

The Generation Y Extravaganza

I am suggesting that the entire morning of day two be dedicated to addressing the need to attract the next generation of credit union members and employees. As silly as this video is, I really believe we can deliver some valuable advice and get some good discussion going. As I've stated before, the lack of new Gen Y members at credit unions throughout North America is not a problem that is going to just fix itself.

Truth be told, we could definitely stretch this out by an extra hour or two or it could even go for the entire day two if there is an appetite for it. I'm sure the crowd will decide!

Please vote for our entry here and do yourself a favor—attend the YOUR Symposium. It's only $225 per attendee and the cost includes two packed days of speakers, networking and six meals! I guarantee you will learn a lot, meet great people and you won't regret it. Add yourself to the network and pledge your support.

See you in Fishers, Indiana on October 7 and 8, 2009.

A note on the production of this video: This was a fun. Once everyone in the group agreed to participate, I put a loose script together and asked each member to record their lines using Apple Photobooth and the iSight camera on their Macs. This generates "Skype-looking" Quicktime files. Everyone then uploaded their files to, I downloaded them and then put the finished video together in Final Cut Express. Easy peasy. You can see all of the clips in their full, hilarious, uncut glory here and here. There is some pure comedy gold in these clips. I'm sure some of the jokes were intended just for me, but that would be selfish! Enjoy.


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