Want to start another revolution? The difference between banks and credit unions – part 2

The last time I posted a video by Larissa Walkiw, the Common Wealth Credit Union Young & Free Spokesperson, it travelled around the world like wildfire.

Well, Larissa just posted part 2 today. Here is the original post.

The more people that see these videos, the better. Part 2 is more specific to the Alberta marketplace, but the credit union differences of local decision making and free ATM access are universal.

Again, this is 100% Larissa's work. We are very proud of her. Feel free to post it on your website or blog and please include the following credits.

Video courtesy of Common Wealth Credit Union's Young & Free Initiative. This is the original work of the 2008 Young & Free Spokesperson Larissa Walkiw. Copyright 2008. Visit www.youngfreealberta.com for more information.

My online conscience, Ron Shevlin, left this comment on a previous blog post.

"I don't think that the number of other blogs and sites that link to the video are measures of success."

Good point. I'll leave Larissa's RSS feed subcribers to generate local success. I'll enlist mine to help the credit union movement. I have heard from numerous people that sharing part 1 caused people to become credit union members! And afterall, that is our purpose!


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