We helped Verity Credit Union launch a search for a wildly creative, funny and talented Seattle-area mom today!

I am thrilled to unveil Verity Mom for Seattle's Verity Credit Union. I'm so excited because:

  • It's a new social media program aimed at connecting and learning from Seattle-area moms. Moms are a segment of the population that we feel credit unions have tremendous potential to attract.
  • At the center of the program is a public search for a part-time mommy blogger. We think this is a really compelling story and the chosen mommy blogger has the potential of creating fantastic content. And, our experience running four successful Young & Free Spokester searches will help us greatly.
  • We are working with social media pioneers. Shari Storm and her team at Verity Credit Union launched the first corporate blog by a financial institution in North America. Their experience will undoubtedly add to the success of this program.
  • Another one of our challenge marketing concepts is now live and will help in fulfilling our purpose. Simply put, it is our purpose to help credit unions deepen their relationships with members and to persuade bank customers to become credit union members. We feel that the Mommy Blogger Challenge has the potential to attract thousands of new members to the credit union movement and Verity Credit Union is the ideal partner to launch with.

Here are some of the pieces


Verity Mom microsite

Video: Are you our Verity Mom?


Clockwise from top left: branch posters, floor decals, print ads, beach balls and staff info sheets

Here's what Shari Storm, Verity Credit Union’s Chief Marketing Officer, had to say, “Moms make most of the spending decisions in a family and they hold the most influence over where their children will eventually do their banking. We are looking at this as a multi-generational strategy. Our intention is to build a place where moms meet, talk and we have a chance to ask more questions and learn more about them. Currency Marketing provides the perfect platform for this.”

When we began talking with Shari and her team about this concept, it was obvious that Verity Credit Union has a passion to understand and serve families and offer the products and services those families need most. We worked with Verity to tailor our Mommy Blogger challenge marketing program to match their brand, launch an exciting blogger search and introduce Verity’s Cartwheel Checking account to new visitors. This account is perfectly suited for moms.

Here's how the program works:

  • Moms will visit veritymom.com and fill out an application
  • Everyone can watch and participate as the applicants are narrowed down to three finalists
  • Site visitors will vote for the finalist they think should be the winner
  • The winner will receive a part-time blogging contract worth $20,000 per year, a MacBook Pro computer and a Flip Mino HD video camera
  • Prizes will be awarded to the other two finalists as well

Please take a moment and visit the Verity Mom microsite. For more information, download our press release.


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