You are invited to join our new Living Young & Free community!

We have just launched a new central site for Young & Free. 


We had four things we wanted this new site to be able to do:

  1. Be a central place to showcase our Y&F Spokester's Living Young & Free financial literacy videos.
  2. Have a private area where our partner credit unions can collaborate and discuss research, results and opportunities.
  3. Have a forum to discuss financial issues and questions.
  4. Have a way to recognize and build on the support and interest we have received for Young & Free from all over North America.

We also wanted an easy way to accomplish these goals. This left us with the choice of custom coding or finding a ready-made solution. We chose the latter and decided to build the site on the Ning platform.

Without further ado, I present Living Young & Free!

It's live and ready to go. You can find the new site at We have also redirected and here as well.

Cheryl Doerksen is the Living Young & Free Community Manager and will be actively involved in the community.

This is my official invitation to all of our blog readers to sign up and get involved. Please join and become a member of your regional group. Regardless of whether you are under 25 or not and regardless of whether you are at a credit union considering Young & Free or not, I think we can all learn something about what young people want and need from their financial institutions.

Mark your calendars—our third Young & Free region goes live on February 2!

We have been diligently working to prepare for the launch of our third program and everyone at Currency is really excited that it is right around the corner. I'll give you a hint—it's not Alberta or Texas!


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