Young & Free licensing update

It's been 55 days since we went public with our offer to license Young & Free. I have had a lot of folks asking how its going. Since I've been very open about our Young & Free journey so far, I think what I will do is give an update on our blog from time to time.

The interest has been overwhelming. To date, a total of 72 individual credit unions and 6 groups of credit unions from 7 Canadian provinces and 31 US states have come forward and filled out the interest form and signed a non-disclosure agreement.

Fielding interest has turned into Nala's full-time job. The dialogue she is having is fantastic and is forcing us to answer many questions we hadn't thought about and tighten up how the program will work as we roll Young & Free out across North America. Let me tell you, credit unions certainly do their due dillegence when making a big decision like this and we certainly appreciate that!

In addition to our founding partner, Common Wealth Credit Union gearing up for the September launch of its year two spokesperson search, we have two new credit unions that have signed plus a number that are extremely interested. Watch for the launch of the first US Young & Free Program in the Fall. Exciting times are just ahead!

We have also turned down one very keen bank. This felt good! We will not license Young & Free to banks. Period.

As I've stated before, I believe this program can add ten of thousands of new members to the credit union movement. Thanks to all of your interest, this dream has a real chance of becoming a reality. Thank you.


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