Shaking and Jamming in Colorado

Five years ago this week, Larissa Walkiw and I presented at the 2008 CUES Execu/Summit in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Fast forward to 2013 and I'm back for another go. This time I'm in Snowmass Village, Colorado which is just down the road from Aspen. The conference is being attended by about 80 attendees with approximately 70% volunteer board members and 30% CEOs and senior executives. 

Here's a fun video that Larissa and I created way back when.

The conference features a different speaker every day for five days. For my day, I spoke for two hours this morning and then I'm back for another two and half hours this afternoon after everyone is done skiing for the day. That's a whole lot of talking.

Here's an overview of my topic.

Moving the Young Adult Needle

Not only are your members aging, but so are your employees. Learn to connect with young adults and discover what makes Gen Y and Z tick. This session will discuss what young potential members really look for from their financial institution, including which products, services and technology your credit unions needs to remain relevant. You’ll also take a look at your credit union staff to figure out how to attract and engage the next generation of leaders. The session is capped off with an in-depth look the Young & Free Marketing Program filled with ideas to inspire your own young adult marketing.

To make things interesting, I filmed two quick videos in the morning and quickly edited them together so I can show these works of art at the beginning of the afternoon session.

I know that by this point the Harlem Shake ship has sailed, but I couldn't help myself. This will no doubt be the 13,000,001th version.

And, of course, the Young & Free Jam World Tour continues from a mile and half up!

This was a crowd of very good sports! Thanks for playing along.