A shout out to Prospera and Vancity for their innovative work.

Two British Columbian credit unions made me smile and proud to be a credit union advocate this week. I am giving them their proper props.

Prospera Credit Union

Prospera launched a new microsite this week, www.breakupwithyourbank.com. The site features bang-on copy: "Ever get that sinking feeling that you're in a no good relationship with your bank? In that moment, when your heart sinks with the knowledge that you just might need to get out, we'd like to offer a little teensy bit of advice: Dump the loser!" The design is refreshing and the Relationship Quiz is the highlight. See if your banking relationship is the dead-ender, the lovelorn, the coaster or the have it all!

I have always admired the work being produced by Prospera and its agency Identica—the cheeky tone and ballsy approach sets this credit union apart, and this site is no exception. Some might look down on bank bashing, but I say use whatever means possible to take a bite out of the big banks! They can take it. Great work.


I have been following Vancity's Change Everything campaign for more than a year and it keeps getting more and more interesting. The smart folks at Vancity totally get who they are and what matters to their members and potential members. The latest example is their Vancity Bike Share program. Simply put, Vancity donated 45 bikes that anyone may use for three weeks then pass on.

I first caught wind of this last week through a very grassroots viral campaign. I saw it show up on blogs, then a Facebook page and then, "boom" it's on the evening news and on the front page of the Vancouver Sun today.

They are doing a really good thing which likely didn't cost more than $10,000 and reeping the rewards (again!) of massive positive media coverage. Once again, Vancity is harnessing the power of the social web and cutting through to traditional media. Keep up the good work!


Is a microsite still a relevant marketing tactic?

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