Apparently credit unions wear pocket protectors and taped glasses!

My real in-box is out of hand. I think I subscribe to about 20 publications with only about time for ten. So the other day I am working my way through the pile and see the latest issue of Applied Arts (Canada's equivalent to Communication Arts).

I flip to the contents page and see that there is a profile on one of Canada's leading graphic design and branding agencies, Karacters.

This catches my attention, because I have admired Karacters recent rebranding work for two of Canada's largest credit unions—British Columbia's Vancity and Alberta's Servus Credit Union. I flip to page 68 and read the interesting one-page article.

And then there it was, under a nice picture of a new Vancity sign.

"Credit unions tend to look every bit as dull as banks, only nerdier."

Ouch! My first though, "Is this how the world sees our credit unions?"

And then I thought further, "Since I work exclusively on credit union brands, do I tend to look like other designers, only nerdier?"

Yikes, we've got some work to do!


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