Avoid the massive head clout

Small credit unions of North America... hear this rally cry!

Canada's big 5 banks (TD, Scotia, BMO, RBC and CIBC) have the TV and newspaper advertising bucks that clout credit unions over the head almost every day. I'm sure it's no different in the U.S., although there are a great many more competitors. How do you compete with that kind of reach and frequency? Do you need to?

I work with Currency Marketing to help credit unions uncover their unique brands, and develop a competitive position in their marketplaces. Sometimes the competition is other credit unions, but mostly it includes a bank or two. Or five!

Our intention with cuckoocampaigns.com is to give small credit unions big agency creative to help them compete against clout-wielding competitors. But we also want Cuckoo to be an environment to get real advice and tips on the simple things you need. We want to initiate conversations like this:

Us: "Here is the latest Scotiabank direct mailer for their campaign 'Second Opinion'."

You: "Their commercial is pretty good, too. I bet it's pulling in a lot of new investment dollars."

Another you: "Well, I talked to my buddy at the downtown branch, and word is it's not doing that great. Not sure why, though."

Us: "We asked three designers and three average consumers to look at this material and here's what they thought."

And on and on and on.

We want this blog to be a forum where you can get open-minded feedback on your own marketing and advertising. Here are some topics we'd like to put into regular rotation. Please give us your feedback and topic ideas. This is a forum for all of us.

  • Ground zero at a branch grand opening—what the competition is doing
  • Small advertising ideas that can make a big difference
  • Examples of advertising that works
  • Examples of advertising that didn't work

Talk to you soon!


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