YouTube love from Steamboat Springs!

Before and after our morning session, Larissa Walkiw and I conducted a number of random interviews with CUES Execu/Summit attendees. We hit them with some hard-hitting social media questions!

In between sessions, we filmed and edited it together and posted it to YouTube. Enjoy the show.

If we embarrassed you or made you look silly, we apologize. This was all done in good fun.

Why did we do it?

  1. My contention is that senior folks in positions of power at credit unions need to experience social media firsthand.
  2. To prove that this stuff is not rocket science. You can just grab a camera and get going.
  3. We love a challenge on only four hours of sleep!

I sure hope I am still booked for another CUES speaking engagement in June!


Avoid the massive head clout

Twittering from Chicago last week, Steamboat Springs this week!