This logo is in dire need of an update!

I know there are some designers and marketers reading this, so I hope I have some kindred spirits out there when I say that the credit union Hands and Globe logo is out-of-date and out-of-touch with the credit union movement. Before you send out the secret credit union ninjas to erase me, hear me out.

Here is the official rationale for the Hands and Globe logo:

The Hands and Globe logo has symbolic and historic significance for the credit union movement. The cupped hands symbolize both the financial security and support offered by the international credit union network, as well as the fact that the success of the movement is in the hands of its members.

The globe symbolizes the worldwide scope of the movement and suggests the impact that a truly united movement can have on the financial development of all countries. The people within the globe represent the real focus of the credit union movement. It is the human element—the harmony of people working for people—that distinguishes credit unions from other financial institutions.

The Hands and Globe became the official World Council of Credit Unions trademark in 1966, and today it is the recognized credit union symbol in more than 70 countries around the world. The principles represented by this logo are timeless—as significant today as they were 40 years ago.

This rationale actually sounds good and is still relevant, but the visual is a let down. I am not necessarily saying it has to go entirely, but how about a simplified update that all of the credit unions using the Hands and Globe can be proud of?

Here is my top five reasons why this logo has run its course.

  1. It's too complex and does not reproduce well at small sizes.
  2. It's not distinctive as it is too similar to so many other symbols.
  3. It's old-fashioned and looks like it was designed forty years ago.
  4. It won't connect with the young people that the credit union movement really needs right now.
  5. It's boring and perpetuates the myth that credit unions are traditional and old school rather than today's dynamic and leading-edge organizations.

I have not conducted research to back any of this up. I am simply a graphic designer who cares about the credit union movement and has dedicated our business to helping credit unions convert bank customers to credit union members. So I have a vested interest in making this industry as appealing as possible. Just one guy calling an ugly spade an ugly spade!

We need a new logo that is in tune with today's dynamic credit union brand. So who do I talk to get this project going?


P.S. Hey, you know you all agree with me! 

Banks need not apply!

A master lesson in PR 2.0 by Verity Credit Union.