Credit union virgins?

There is a lot of buzz about the Whopper Virgins documentary right now.

I really enjoyed this short film. It makes its point in a very subtle unbiased way. Burger King really understands what makes it tick and plays the underdog part better than any other brand. Not only does Burger King have the ultimate competitor in McDonald's, both brands have very similar lead products to compare—the Big Mac versus the Whopper.

I have often thought there are two main problems with attracting new members to credit unions.

  1. The inability to taste test
  2. The lack of a simple and compelling difference

If your credit union looks like a bank, acts like a bank, uses the same recipes as a bank, it is going to taste like a bank.

This approach works for hamburgers. I wish something like this could work to prove the credit union difference, but until there is an easy taste test and a simple and compelling difference, credit unions will continue to be misunderstood and very underrated.


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