Does your credit union have orange pants?

As you read this, I'm jetting my way to the 2008 MAC Conference in Newport Beach, California. Should be exciting! To tide you over, here is a whimsical post about the odd things people like.

Once my 15-year-old daughter Taylor and I were shopping and discovered some "sweet" orange pants. "Sweet" is her word; "garish" was mine.

"Can you get these for me?" Taylor asked, excited and breathless from the sheer "sweetness" of the orange colour.

They weren't that expensive, but I figured this was an impulse on her part and I hate wasting money on things that don't get worn.

"Well, maybe this weekend." I stall, "They'll probably still be here." Come on. They were horrifically orange pants! Who was going to buy them?

"No they won't. These are totally sweet orange pants!" she countered, disappointed but resigned.

Next weekend we return. No orange pants. This was last spring. She still hasn't forgotten.

This proves that no matter what life-sustaining goodness you do for your kids - whether it's waking them up for school, making their lunches, lending them your make-up, throwing your body in front of various vicious animals, or even charging into burning buildings to save their CD collection (I haven't done this, but I might!) - if you don't buy one pair of orange pants you are forever vilified. Or at least remembered badly.

The point: Kids forget the everyday good stuff and never forget the ONE TIME THINGS DIDN'T GO THEIR WAY. Members are the same way. Buy your members the orange pants!


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