Five overly-optimistic predictions for the CU movement and five doable resolutions for Currency

My overly optimistic predictions for the credit union movement in 2008

  1. Credit unions will embrace technology and lead the age of conversation
  2. Credit unions will differentiate themselves from their competitors
  3. Credit unions will create valuable and unique products and services
  4. Credit unions will return to the cooperative principles
  5. Credit unions will consider other sustainable options before merging

My doable resolutions for Currency in 2008

  1. We will lead courageous credit unions through times of change
  2. We will champion social media and two-way conversation
  3. We will help credit unions who are committed to being different
  4. We will expand our network and clientele beyond the Canadian borders
  5. We will continue to foster industry connections in the spirit of cooperation

Anything you'd like to add?


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