Glad we aren't using bubbles for Cuckoo!

Trevor Elliott on his Each Day Blog posted a hilarious collection of Web 2.0 logos that feature speech bubbles. Here's his post: Die Speech Bubble. Die.

Here is a bit of Trevor's advice: As a catch-all symbol, the speech bubble is tough to resist. It contains what everyone wants to say about the “new” web: user-generated, communication, collaboration, commenting, social media, community, self-published, my voice, our voice, rating, ranking, sharing and the rest. On top of that, it’s simple with a minimum of line, approachable and cuddly, and you can always count on people getting it. What more could a would-be communicator want?

But, it’s over. The day has come to pronounce from far and wide – “Attention all startups, it’s a bad idea to hang your ID hat on a speech bubble. Just don’t.”


I am so glad we decided not to use any bubbles for our Cuckoo brand! Hey, wait a second?


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