Way bigger = way better

To continue my big bank rant theme, today's Financial Post features an article proclaiming that the Bank of Canada thinks that the big banks would be better if they were allowed to continue to merge.

I agree, let's get them as big as possible. Let's combine the assets of RBC, TD Canada Trust, Scotiabank, BMO and CIBC and make the biggest, hugest, most-gigantic financial institution ever!

If we all get together and talk to our local Members of Parliament to get this concept green-lit, maybe then the general public will finally get why credit unions are superior. This could be my best idea yet. Are you with me?


P.S. Then we could all band together and convince the new RBCTDBMOCIBCBNS to loan $218 trillion to that decessed guy who needs to pay off his cell phone bill or face legal charges. Brilliant!

Google Alerts is useful and amusing!

Glad we aren't using bubbles for Cuckoo!