Good Tidings We Bring!

Happy holidays everyone!

Its that time of year where our cold, frozen hearts are warmed by the fuzziness of the season. Its the time of year where goodwill is doled out by the pocketful (of change), and we all put aside our general apathy for each other and come together, one and all.

Every year around this time, my credit union offers "skip a pay" on loans - should you choose, you can skip a payment on your loan without being considered delinquent. Merry Christmas!

I think this is a pretty fantastic offering on a few different levels - the credit union (who will get your money one way or the other) gets the benefit of looking benevolent, and the member gets a few additional dollars in their pocket for the Christmas season.

Its also the perfect promo - I can choose to participate if I want to, and if not, no biggie.

A quick google search shows that this is a trend that many different credit unions are participating in, and that's a good thing!

Does your credit union do this? Is it something that members respond to favorably? Let me know in the comments!

Merry Christmas!


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