"Hi, Welcome to Facebook Bank. How May I Help You?"

Facebook is already a ubiquitous presence through out the web. Now it plans to reach into our wallets to help us pay our bills.

From The Times of India:

The bank has demonstrated the Facebook banking application that will allow customers to do all their banking transactions, including paying others and collecting money without leaving the social network.

Essentially, the bank is hoping to use Facebook as an additional portal for members to use. As an option in addition to traditional online banking, it doesn't seem like such a far-fetched idea. Many credit unions have outdated, user (un)friendly interfaces, and this could be a way to reach younger members who want a more customized solution.

I've long asserted that online banking is an arena that credit unions should be putting some muscle into. One of the main reasons I favored my bank account over my credit union account was because of online banking. When it's easy to use, you want to use it more.

Of course, the success of a Facebook banking application depends entirely on how secure and trustworthy the application is. Assuming it's a secure, well implemented program, do you think it would be something users would go for? Let us know in the comment section!


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