I'm in San Antonio today spreading the Currency credit union branding, marketing and social media gospel

I have presented the following three topics on numerous occasions this year:

  • Where does traditional marketing fit in a Web 2.0 world?
  • Engaging Generation Y on their own terms
  • Small is beautiful. Your credit union can remain small and successful

Today, I am delivering my Where does traditional marketing fit in a Web 2.0 world? talk at the US Central Moving Members' Money Conference in San Antonio, Texas. But the thing is, all three topics I have been speaking about revolve around my core belief that is illustrated in the simple graphic presented above. I start every presentation with it because it sums up the Currency marketing philosophy perfectly.

"Modern credit union marketing is a two-way conversation that utilizes traditional, digital and social mediums to connect with existing and potential members."

I know I rattle on incessantly about credit union social media, but I am equally excited about credit union branding and marketing. To me, branding, marketing and social media are inseparable. If you do not have strong differentiated credit union and product brands that are marketed in unique and exciting ways, then your online and social media activities will suffer and your credit union's marketing and sales efforts will not perform up to your expectations.

Branding and marketing used to be done in a vacuum. All the planning and strategizing was done in advance and we prayed that everything would work out in the end. Today, adding social media into the mix gives us an immediate way to respond as things happen. That's my simple recipe for success.

Class dismissed, now I've got a plane to catch home!


Are your credit union's marketing efforts worthy of comment?

Does the leader or future leader of your country embrace social media? Mine doesn't!