Is Your Credit Union a #twitterfail? Part 2.

Several months ago I wrote a post entitled, "Is Your Credit Union a #twitterfail?" Despite the potently awesome advice I gave in the article, some of you still have not heeded my words. So, I've decided to expand upon my thoughts and offer some additional ones, in hopes that you can elevate your CU twitter from lame to fame (see what I did there? With the rhyming?)

Don't auto-dm.

My least favortie thing when following people on twitter is when someone thinks that they can send informal auto-dms to people who start following them. There is only one person I follow on twitter important enough to send me an auto-dm on twitter and that is @tyrabanks, and she didn't send me one.

Sending an auto-dm says: My credit union is impersonal and so popular we can't bother to engage with our followers. Think of this as your first interaction with a customer - make it personal.

Take 15 seconds and create an awesome bio.

When I get a new follower, the first thing I do is read what they've written as their personal info. Saying "Random Federal Credit Union is the largest credit union is Random, Missouri. Established in 1885," tells us nothing about what your credit union is about and only conveys that it is probably boring. Be creative. Have fun.

Stop tweeting automated links from your website.

Stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it.

Any other tips for credit unions and their twitter accounts? Let us know in the comment section!

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