This Just In! Gen Y Loves Meat Dresses.

One of the grand things about being in a generation that is so tremendously different than the ones preceding it is that everyone thinks they know what we're about.

We like beards.

We are tech savvy and ride bikes.

Our aspirations include: wearing dresses made of meat, creating start-up companies and gaining enough wealth to purchase and endless supply of non-prescription ironically large glasses.

The thing about generalizations is that, though they can be extremely helpful to pinpoint sentiments in a given group, there can and will be exceptions. Heck, as much as I'd like to define Gen Y, I remember - no generalization is accurate 100% time.

It seems that when marketing to Gen Y in particular, there is a quick rush to label us as a homogeneous group that likes and enjoys all the same things - this is a mistake.

When devising your strategy to market towards Gen Y, don't rely solely on statistics compiled by national sources, or what surveys in regions not near you say. For instance, much like every other generalized group in America, likes and dislike vary depending on socioeconomic status, race, location and a host of other variables.

Understand that generalizations are just that - data the seeks to make an assumption about a group of people based on a few. This can be helpful to guide the way you initially approach creating your marketing plan, but finding out what works in your credit union's community is a surefire way to get a better grasp on what the young people in your area need from you.

Tailor your advertising to your community - don't try to make your community fit your advertising.

(Also, we don't all like meat dresses.)


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