Podcast 04: CU Skeptic

Welcome to episode 4 of Credit Union Innovators. My guest is the infamous CU Skeptic. I don't know who he is, but this is what he states on his blog.

He's a sub-30-year-old male that has spent the last few years working in and around the banking and credit union industry. He has heard the tales of credit union greats and seen what some would call the bottom of the barrel. He's seen the efforts of small town banks and has all of his personal accounts with one of the big banks.

His take on banks and credit unions? At their current state, credit unions as a whole are no different than banks to the end user. Each have their share of sellouts and standouts, but in his eyes, that’s the bottom line.

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Some links to get to know the CU Skeptic even better

+ His blog

Fast facts about The CU Skeptic

  • What's your real name? Not telling
  • Where do you work? In an office
  • How tall are you? 6'1"
  • Do you have a mustache? No
  • Do you wear glasses? Onyl when its sunny
  • Do you drink coffee? Yes
  • Do you love your Mom? Of course
  • Married? Yes
  • Do you like bacon and eggs? Yes, but prefer breakfast sausage
  • Favorite band? None, but enjoys Pandora
  • Last vacation? Doesn't know
  • Peanut butter or chocolate? Peanut butter

Production notes

+ Interview recorded with Rogue Amoeba's Audio Hijack and Skype
+ Intro recorded with a M-Audio Microtrack II mobile digital recorder
+ Edited in Audacity
+ Podcast RSS Feed through Feedburner
+ Music is A Song for Jake by Oregon Chad licensed through Creative Commons


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