Do your people and your robots give exceptional service?

Most credit unions claim exceptional member service. Phrases like, "our people are our difference" and "we're nicer" are common refrains from credit union folks.

Fair enough, but how are your automated services doing?

Last night, I was once again reminded of how automated services shape my perception of overall customer service when I realized I was down to my last pill of a daily prescription.

Because my pharmacy offers an easy refill service, I didn't miss a beat. You can either refill your order online or by phone. I chose phone, entered my seven-digit prescription number, my birth year and I had my pills ready for pick-up on my way to work this morning. The pharmacist and I exchanged pleasant "morning's" and I was in and out in less than 90 seconds.

That's exceptional service. Humans and robots seamlessly working together. How does your credit union compare?


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