Speaking at CUES Execu/Summit and we need your help

On Wednesday, March 5, 2008, Larissa Walkiw and myself will be co-presenting a full-day session at the CUES Execu/Summit at Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The session is entitled How to Engage Gen Y on Their Own Terms and here is the official description.

"Currency Marketing is in the middle of a wonderful social media experiment with Alberta's Common Wealth Credit Union. To promote Common Wealth Credit Union's new Young and Free account to Alberta's 17 to 25 crowd, Currency has created an integrated marketing program centered around the www.youngfreealberta.com microsite. The thrust of the program is finding and hiring a spokesperson from Gen Y to represent the product, the credit union and their generation."

Don't tell Christopher Stevenson from CUES, but I have a secret agenda and I need your help brainstorming some ideas. In early January, I was a guest blogger on Open Source CU with the post Who's In Charge of This Stuff? The point I attempted to make is that credit unions will not fully embrace social media unless the ROI can be proven and the top credit union brass can wrap their heads around it by actually participating in it.

We will definitely touch on Web 2.0, Generation Y, user-generated content, the idea of letting others be co-authors of your brand and, of course, we'll discuss Young & Free in detail.

But here's the thing: Larissa and I have the top credit union brass captive for four and half hours! I really think we can make some headway and turn some credit union leaders' minds onto social media by actually creating some user-generated content on the fly.

The session is broken into two parts: two hours in the early-morning prior to the attendees skiing and then two and a half hours after they come in from skiing.

Here's what we have at our disposal:

  1. Two presenters who will be spelling each other off
  2. Two computers
  3. Two video cameras
  4. An Internet connection (I hope)
  5. Six hours between the two sessions (to edit video or...)
  6. The assistance of the credit union blog-o-sphere (if you are game)

How should we best use our time? Write your ideas in the comments.


Twittering from Chicago last week, Steamboat Springs this week!

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