Special announcement: Is your credit union Young & Free? It can be

If you have been reading our blog for any length of time, you will have certainly heard about Young & Free! It is an integrated marketing program that combines a microsite, social media and traditional marketing all centered around a Generation Y spokesperson search in conjunction with the launch of a youth-specific banking product.

Since launching the program last Fall with our founding partner, Alberta's Common Wealth Credit Union, it has exceeded all sales, marketing and PR goals in the ensuing eight months. There are now more than 1,900 Young & Free Checking Account holders in a credit union of just 52,000 members.

After months of planning including legal, trademark and licensing details, I am excited to announce that the Young & Free program is now available to credit unions throughout North America.

How will it work?

One credit union in each US state and Canadian province will follow in Common Wealth's foot steps. We will help these courageous organizations launch this exciting youth-centered program in their marketplace. And in states and provinces where no single credit union is able to take on the program, we will offer an exclusive license to a league or a small group of non-competing credit unions. Banks cannot participate.

Why go beyond Alberta?

It goes right to our purpose as a company. Simply put, it is our purpose to help credit unions deepen their relationships with members and persuade bank customers to become credit union members.

Credit unions desparately need to engage and attract young people. Young & Free is doing just that for Common Wealth Credit Union. We can imagine a day when the Young & Free program has helped credit unions add tens of thousands of members to the credit union movement.

But isn't there only one Larissa?

Larissa Walkiw is the 2008 Y&F Alberta Spokesperson and she is doing a phenominal job at creating content and connecting with young people in Northern Alberta. 

Larissa is definitely one of kind. She is a wonderful multi-talented young woman. However, we believe that Generation Y is filled with extremely talented young people that are capable of excelling in their own way. Young & Free is a platform that gives young people the freedom and support to be the voice of their generation in their own region and in their own words and style.

I have to agree with Ron Shevlin's reaction to Larissa's The Difference Between Banks and Credit Unions - Part 1, "Every CU marketer in North America should be looking at this video and yelling at their agency 'Find me a Larissa!'"

Can you imagine the collective creative output and meaningful dialogue that all of these Young & Free Spokespeople will generate? It will be amazing!

Thanks for being a part of Young & Free from the get go

I want to personally thank everyone in the credit union blog-o-sphere. The encouragement and attention that has been given to Young & Free is overwhelming.

I must also thank Jeff Mulligan and the leadership team from Common Wealth Credit Union. Through their vision, courage and selflessness, we are able to roll out this exciting program beyond the Alberta borders. Now that's the cooperative spirit that I love credit unions for!

What are the steps to get involved? 

I encourage you to explore these links to determine if this initiative is right for your credit union.

+ Click here to see if your credit union is a fit

I am so excited to see this next chapter unfold! We already have a number of confirmed partners—will your credit union be next?


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