Stop what you're doing and register now for the FORUM Solutions/Trabian Partnership Symposium!

All of the speakers at the upcoming FORUM Solutions/Trabian Partnership Symposium are encouraged to submit a guest post to help promote the event. Being the not-so-subtle, highly over-exposed credit union marketer that I am, I thought I would just cut to the chase with an old-fashioned sales pitch. Here goes (best read with a high-energy, monster-truck-loving announcer voice).

Have you registered for the FORUM Solutions/Trabian Partnership Symposium yet? No? What's up with that? This is the hands-down best emerging technology conference in the credit union space. Here are five reasons that you need to stop what you are doing right now, mark your calendar for October 1 and 2, 2008 and register now!

5) The venue is superb! Not only is the FORUM Conference Center an awesome meeting space, it will be transformed into a swank party zone complete with multiple Nintendo Wii stations featuring Guitar Hero and other geek treats.

4) The hosts with the most(s)! Mr. Doug True is a highly connected credit union advocate with a unmatched passion for product innovation and technology. And, Mr. Matt Dean is a silent-but-deadly agent of change. Combined, they represent the new guard of leaders that are making a real difference in the credit union movement.

3) Speakers solving problems, not blathering on! The Symposium features great credit union speakers discussing real-world situations. You will not be subjected to academic 300-word PowerPoint slides. You'll hear from real practitioners who get their hands dirty everyday.

2) The CU Skeptic will be unveiled! This is the most highly anticipated unmasking since Kiss was unmasked in 1980. Doug has even talked about the Skeptic being lowered from the ceiling amidst pyrotechnics.*

1) Ron Shevlin is the on-stage host! Our resident, lovable blog-o-sphere curmudgeon will be going all Oprah as he interviews the speakers at the end of each presentation in an attempt to get to the real dirt.

Bonus Feature

I had the good fortune of being the wild card speaker last year. Luckily for me, I was the only one who answered the call for entries. This year it is a different story! The competition is really heating up with four phenomenal video applications so far.

I am so glad I don't have to complete for my spot this year. However, as I stated above, being the highly over-exposed marketer that I am, I couldn't help but to get involved!


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