What does a $100,000,000 deposit campaign smell like? Coffee!

On this recent blog post, Jeffry Pilcher commented "Where can we see the award-winning RRSP work for Envision?" To answer Jeffry's question—right here.

Canadian financial institutions use all of their marketing firepower in January and February to promote Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs). March 1 is the deadline for Canadians to invest in these tax-sheltered investment products.

On the positive side, consumers are open to investment marketing messages during RRSP season. However, the challenge is to stand out among the dozens of financial institutions promoting the same thing at the same time.

And stand-out we did for Envision Financial, British Columbia's third-largest credit union. We crafted a decidedly different (and delicious) campaign that exceeded its aggressive $28 million dollar deposit growth goals by a factor of almost four! This coordinated campaign helped Envision secure more than $100 million in RRSP investments during the first two months of 2008! Not bad at all for a 100,000 member credit union.

We used a multi-channel integrated marketing approach that included radio, community newspaper and online advertising, direct mail, point-of-purchase and environmental graphics, staff sales tools and a promotional website section.

Believe it or not, the beautiful images required very little Photoshop retouching! Photographer Hans Sipma and his amazing stylist brought our concepts to life in the studio.

Congratulations to Ashok and Michelle at Envision for taking top spot in the coordinated campaigns category at the recent Marketing Association for Credit Unions AIME awards. It was our pleasure to play a part in this successful campaign.


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